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Mystery Meat is a 66-page graphic novel that tells of the rise, fall and metamorphosis of an experimental artificial meat product and the rundown company town forced to test it. Written by m Cody Goodfellow (Radiant Dawn, All-Monster Action, Dark Horse’s Creepy)

Speerburg is a company town––founded, wholly owned and run with an iron fist by Speers Meats. Every aspect of its citizens' lives is dominated by the relentless rhythm, the nauseous stench, the endless, industrial cruelty of the slaughterhouse. So it seems like a brand new day when the killing floor shuts down and the company switches to a bold new "artificial animal product," known as nuMeat.


As they eagerly become guinea pigs in this grand new experiment, they soon find that nuMeat is so much more than the most delicious edible flesh ever to come out of a vat... It's a key to unlocking lost and buried dreams, forbidden desires and inhuman ambitions.


But soon, they will discover the unspeakable secret of nuMeat, and the unbearable cost. For even in the new cruelty-free, scientifically controlled, scarcity-free future... YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT.


In four gut-wrenching, heartrending 12-page black-white-and-gray comic stories drawn by Mike Dubisch (Gore Shriek,Weirdling, Bela Lugosi’s Tales From The Grave, The Creeps), as well as illustrated prose, articles and ads, Mystery Meat revisits the paranoid style of underground horror comics like Skull, Slow Death Eco-Funnies, Taboo and Death Rattle to create a surreal mythos that does for American consumer culture what the landmark manga Uzumaki did for Japan.


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